The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

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December 4, 2009

Letter to the Editors

from Gloria Madaffari

This letter from Mrs. Madaffari was received shortly after the dismissal of Mrs. Stephanie Johns from her teaching position at SGG.

Dear Editors,

Many of the angry accusations that the Bishop flung at Mrs. Johns sounded somewhat familiar to me. Last Friday I got a call from one of the loyal parishioners at SGG. Apparently she did not know that I had left that group. She wanted me to cook a meal for Bp. Dolan. When I told her that I no longer attended that church, she immediately began to use the "shame game" on me. She worked on the pity angle, telling me that I was turning my back on "poor Bp. Dolan".

When I told her that the allegations were just too numerous and serious for me to ignore, she became very agitated and said they were all lies. She said it is sinful to speak of the Bishop that way, etc.

I told her that there was just way too much smoke for there not to be a fire there. Then she said "well, maybe you could still cook a meal for the Bishop". I told her I doubted that I would be allowed to even step foot on the grounds. She said I was was making that up. I told her I did not think so since anyone who has taken a stand against Bp and Fr. C were fired and exiled from the property.

When I told her that I was attending Fr. Ramolla's Mass she went ballistic. She spewed on that he was evil and it was the devil's work and so on. I told her that she was also saying sinful things about a priest by speaking of Fr. Ramolla that way.

Finally I made a proposal to her. I said I would be willing to hear from her the facts as she knows them. I said I will list the allegations against SGG one by one and she could tell me what facts she knows to prove they are false. She was enraged. She shouted "You will NOT lead me into that sort of thing!" I told her I was not trying to lead her into anything, I was just trying to get clarification. She then told me to "shut my mouth" to which I replied "Alrighty!" and pointedly hung up on her.

I am so grateful to be able to attend Mass at St. Albert's. SGG is run cult like by hard hearted men on a power trip. The parishioners that remain there are in denial, intimidated, or just as bankrupt of scruples as their clergy. I thank our Lord that my husband and I escaped before we drank any Koolaid.

God bless all of your great work,

Gloria Madaffari