The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

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January 5, 2010

Letter to the Editors

from Janet Gaye

A Response to Bishop Dolan's "Holy Name Sunday" sermon

This letter to the editors from Mrs. Janet Gaye gives a rather different slant on Bishop Dolan's devil-filled sermon on Holy Name Sunday.  In hard-hitting language, Mrs. Gaye leaves no room for doubt as to what she believes motivates the clergy of St. Gertrude the Great.  Certainly not the care for the souls God has entrusted to them.  But rather, care for the money that their parishioners have entrusted to them!

As usual, with strongly worded letters like this, the editors of SGG Info reiterate that the views expressed are not necessarily their own, and are provided here solely as a means of allowing our readers to express their own opinions.  We welcome your comments.

Dear SGG Info,

And so Bishop Dolan has struck again from his Pulpit of Propaganda, spreading the artful skill of Blarney, while meanwhile his associate, ever since his sad claim that our souls are not worth fighting over on his "Whatever" blog, has been noticeably silent. Did you ever notice that this Duo works in tandem, one writing while the other pontificates? If the associate is out of town, the prelate will always slip a reminder from the pulpit and/or in the bulletin of the great work that associate is doing, as writer, administrator, organist or whatever.  And if the prelate is absent from the pulpit, well then guess what! we are subjected to groveling flattery of The Absent One from his fawning sycophant.    At St. Gertrude's one of them may be out of sight, but the other makes sure he is never out of mind.  It's a clever and manipulative move that the Duo has perfected.  All part of their very lucrative machine, while one spoke and the other wrote, selling their commodities via their webcasts and umpteen newsletters, maintaining their cashflow from a parish without borders.

The Mexican priest, Fr. Siordia, was dead-on accurate with his dream.  Only someone blinded by vice could ever have twisted it into the interpretation Bishop Dolan gave us in his Sunday sermon.  But then, that's the beauty of the Pulpit of Propaganda. The fact is, when Fr. Siordia had his dream, St. Gertrude's was in great distress, so much so that the black bile was bubbling up through the parking lot and the parishioners were walking around as though with a tremendous burden about their necks. Since Father Ramolla and others failed in their attempt to awaken Bishop Dolan to this terrible situation, many parishioners have seen their way out of this bile-sodden mess, thrown off the yokes from their shoulders, and left.  I've seen and spoken to many of them since they cast aside the fetters of St. Gertrude's, and it's amazing to see what a happy and devout bunch they are, now that the yokes are detached and the souls have been freed to worship God, with NO fears attached. Bishop Dolan did not become this insidious verbose piece of tongue-twisting gospel-bending minister overnight; no, he always was. The people just woke up because of all the blatant lies in this time and space. But he always had this devil, D.D.evil, within.

People are generally good, and by nature, they want to do good.  However there are some that feel it is their birthright to take advantage of these innocent souls. Do you remember what P.T. Barnum said: how "there's a sucker born every minute"?  Now let's just change the picture a little: the circus = the church, suckers = parishioners, P.T, Barnum = Dolan/Cekada, circus ring = pulpit/pen. Compare P.T. Barnum's phrase "There is a sucker born every minute" with that astounding and revealing comment from the Reverend Anthony Cekada: "Catholics have a way of having more children".  [Uttered when asked the question "how many children's souls will be lost between now and next summer if you keep Mark Lotarski on as principal?" - Ed.Now you tell me, who has the greatest show on earth? The suckers that paid to be robbed, but at least got entertained in the process, or the parishioners who patiently put their money in the collection plate every Sunday, as they were herded about by head usher and ring master Mark Lotarski, who then spent the rest of the week driving their children's souls out of the parish with his bullying and worse. So then who is the greater thief and liar, P.T. Barnum, or AC/D.D.evil who maintain Lotarski in power? You tell me.

I wouldn't fault the Mexican Priest.  His dream, though private, was certainly accurate.  Just mis-interpreted by Bishop Dolan. The devil no doubt had a hand in this and it was with the full cooperation of Dolan. For many years he mercilessly burdened the shoulders of his good  parishioners to an unbearable breaking point, until the collective weight became so heavy it cracked the parking lot (symbolic of  the SGG property), on which they had labored for years.  Once that portal was cracked, the skeletons of sin were unleashed and the earth vomited forth all the iniquity that had been buried there by the Duo and their henchman Lotarski. Here are your skeletons and demons—they have a purpose: to deceive, to lie and to steal.  And they have a name, Legion, which of course means "Many". And there is no doubt that one of those "many" names is "Father"!

There is a lesson to be learned by all Catholics in these times of unrest.   It is that the Church belongs to God, and that it must be a safe harbor for His children to give honor and glory to Him  on  Earth.  For this reason, He gave us the priesthood to protect this safe harbor, men set aside to be holy, these His most humble servants, our dear priests, the vessels of the Sacraments for the salvation of our souls, which ultimately belong to Our Heavenly Father, who thought so much of us as to send His Only Son to be crucified. Did God give us these priests so they might ban God's children from the church they built by their collective blood, sweat, and tears (and yes, money)?  The only answer is, we were the suckers, for while we eagerly labored in the fields of these priests to build what we hoped would be a  church for the Glory of God, we were eventually to find out exactly to what god our church was dedicated.  One by one, we have been tossed out, cast aside, for questioning the abuses being heaped upon our children and fellow-parishioners, and now even one of our priests.  We have been banned from the sacraments without a care as to our eternal salvation, deprived of the means of our salvation by the very men who were ordained to provide them.  Yes, we know the name of their god.  The name is Mammon.

It is a familiar cliché that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  This started in the Heavens with the fall of Lucifer and his angels, and it will end when God's Kingdom comes.  And may God then show more mercy to his priests than they have shown to us.  They should remind themselves not to be so cavalier with the salvation or damnation of the souls entrusted to their care. These things matter to us.  For us, our souls are not commodities to be discarded, with a casual Quidlibet ("Whatever").  No.  They are "Forever".

Janet M. Gaye