The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

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December 10, 2009

Open Letter to Bishop Dolan

by Janet Gaye

This open letter from Mrs. Janet Gaye invites Bishop Dolan to answer a few questions she has regarding the night Mark Lotarski sent his sons to her home to harass and threaten her.  Coincidentally, while the police were still handling this situation, Fr. Cekada showed up with money...  Was this just an amazing coincidence?  Or more damage control from the SpinMaster himself?

Mrs. Gaye also pointed out to the editors that what she has described here can be verified with Butler County Sheriff's Department and West Chester Police Department.

Dear Bishop Dolan,

I am writing this open letter to you as a good priest once did some twenty years ago.  At that time you and Father Cekada refused to answer his many calls, letters and even a telegram regarding a crucial problem that involved a similar topic of immorality and destruction to the clergy and laity.

So I will write this open letter and I hope you will have the priestly decency to answer it.  I have asked that it be posted at as I know they always print both sides of the issue.  If I were to send it to I'm not too sure, what say you?

I am going to stay on one topic and that involves the night of October 22, 2009.  Let me recap for you what happened that night: it was a couple of days after you fired Mr. Hall, and I was having a little gathering at my home for some parishioners who had expressed interest in knowing what had happened.  As the meeting was in the process of breaking up, and we were outside saying goodbye to our guests, Andrew and John Lotarski showed up and stopped their car at the bottom of my driveway.  John came storming up the drive, right into my face (he smelled of pot), and demanded in an extremely hostile and agitated manner to know what I was doing (on my own property!).  "Who are these people? What are they doing here?"  Fearing for the safety of my guests, and in particular two priests from Immaculate Conception Church whom I had invited, I chased John off my property and then called the police.

Not long after the police arrived, who else should appear outside my home but your associate Fr. Cekada.  Why?  The pretext for showing up at that moment was that he wanted to give Mr. Hall what he described as "severance pay" (which turned out to be the pay for the past two weeks he had already worked).  What was the real reason Fr. Cekada showed up that night?  Why had Fr. Cekada scribbled the words "Princeton.  Left.  Anne." on the envelope for Mr. Hall's paychecks?  Where were those paychecks printed?  At Mark Lotarski's house, right?  And those checks were printed very hastily: the printing does not match up to the lines of the checks; earlier check numbers have later dates; both clear signs that Fr. Cekada was in a hurry to get to my house.

I know from various sources that Mark Lotarski sent his sons Andrew and John to my home that night.  From the time they left after harassing me, to the time Fr. Cekada showed up, was exactly the time needed for them to phone home, and for Fr. Cekada to get in his car and drive from the Lotarskis to my house for damage control.  Is this what happened, Bishop, to make Father Cekada come running over to my home right after the failed attempt by Mark to send his sons over to harass me?  Could it be because I called the police to protect the clergy and my guests?

Did I not tell Fr. Cekada, after I allowed him entrance to my home, with tears running down my cheeks, that I would handle this under civil law as we have no recourse these days under canon law?  That I would take my chances with the corrupt civil law and hope for the best?  Did I not tell Fr. Cekada that he created this monster, John Lotarski, who has been permitted to get away with his thuggery at SGG and all but assaulted a teacher in your school?  Did I not tell him that John thought he could break civil law like he was allowed to break God's law in your school? What about the scandal the children were exposed to  with the vile language he used in front of them?  But most of all Bishop Dolan what about the injustice done to John and his soul?  What about the teachings of the Catholic Faith for him?

Bishop Dolan, as the 1950s, the "good old days" before Vatican II, came to a close, both you and I were in grade school.  But even when the 1960s overturned most of the faith and morals in our schools, it would have been unheard of for a student to use language like that Prince Lotarski used to Mr. Hall.  He would have been immediately expelled from public school, let alone a Catholic high school.  Do you know what would have happened to him in any Catholic grammar or high school if he had had the gall to answer back a teacher like this, or if he had threatened a teacher and used the F curse?  What school did you go to in the fifties or early sixties, Bishop, that allowed such behavior?

What about the pretext for firing Mr. Hall which you gave him, and have since allowed to be published in Fr. Cekada's lying account in "School Dazed?"  That Mr. Hall somehow e-mailed Eamon Shea and gave him information about the school the very day he was fired.  You have in your hands right now a dated e-mail from Mr. Hall describing exactly what transpired that day.  You know the information that appeared on did not come from Mr. Hall.  You knew it that very day.  But you fired him anyway, and then allowed the lie to spread.

The firing of Mr. Hall was illegal.  It comes under civil law.  Don't ask me how many other commandments you have broken because I imagine they are beginning to look like Santa's list,-- only more naughty than nice!

I would really appreciate some answers because as you  would say I'm back in good old New York and, like you, I love to use those good old New York Lawyers, especially the ones from the ACLU, which I find to be the most intelligent and the ones who love to take on a cause. I'd say this is a very good cause considering the allegations that Fr. Ramolla repeatedly brought to your attention.  And of  course no answer from you other than lies and deceit.  The written proof is in your hands as well as mine, and still you cannot bear to admit the truth. Why?  So Fr. Ramolla defended  truth, and not against King David, as Fr. Cekada would have us believe, but for God.  This whole affair, this whole "Ramollagate" could have been avoided if you had simply done your duty, and listened to the souls who laid their troubles at the feet of their pastor.  Instead, you went about firing, excommunicating, harassing, in short, throwing those poor souls to the wolves. And so we have Ramollagate.  There seem to be a lot of gates swinging right now: the Pearly Gates, the Gates of Hell, the Golden Gates -- just pick your own gate!  But for now, I think if we choose the path of Fr. Ramolla, it will lead us far better than you have done, to the Heavenly Gates of Truth which is God.

Yours in Christ (and certainly not Absalom),

Janet M. Gaye