The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

The Full Documented Story


November 8, 2009

Excerpt from Fr. Ramolla's Sermon
At Mass the Sunday after his dismissal

"A certain ruler came up, and adored Him saying, Lord, my daughter is even now dead, but come, lay Thy hand upon her, and she shall live."

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen.

In today's Holy Gospel we are confronted with what must surely have been an unexpected death.  The death of a little girl.  And we see a certain ruler coming to Our Lord, adoring Him, and asking Him to cure his daughter who is dead.

In this Gospel today, we are confronted with Death.  The body of the dead little girl lying on the bed.  It is a striking picture.  Imagine this little girl lying there on the bed, unmoving, lifeless...  when I think of this picture in my mind, I cannot help thinking about our beloved Catholic Church, and in particular St. Gertrude the Great.  God has given us this extraordinary picture today, of all days, to bring to our mind the state of St. Gertrude the Great Parish.  The girl is dead.  And it seems as though our dear church has died.  Died of cancer.  A cancer which infected first part of the body of the church, namely our school, and then permeated through the entire parish of St. Gertrude the Great.

How many times did we, either individually or as families, as parishioners, teachers, and even priests, go to our pastors and ask them to cure this sickness?  "Come, lay your hands upon her, and she shall live."  But they did not follow the example of our blessed Lord.  They did not come and take the parish by the hand, that it may live.  Instead, they chose time and again to ignore our pleas that our beloved school and church lay dying.  They did not permit the surgery necessary to save the life of the parish.  They did not permit Our Lord to lay His hands on her and to cure her, but they preferred to delude themselves and their parishioners that she was in the best of health.

How very sad our friend, St. Gertrude, must be today.  How very sad she must be as she casts her tearful gaze upon her church and its leaders.  Very sad.  But the Gospel tell us that Our Lord went in, and took the girl by the hand, and the girl arose.  By your very presence here at Holy Mass, by your unity and support of what is right and what is true, you are even now demonstrating the power of Our Lord.  For it is He who will do what His shepherds refused.  He Himself will descend and lay His hand upon His children and their beloved church.  And He Himself will raise them from their state of death.  As the girl in the Gospel rises, we are filled with hope.  Great hope and confidence, that we may look forward to a new beginning, a new purpose, and a new lease on life.

So let us think "thoughts of peace" as the words of the Introit say.  "Thoughts of peace, and not of affliction."  This should always be our goal as we fight for the truth.  We do not fight because we like to fight.  We do not fight to cause injury.  We fight in order to heal the wounds that have been inflicted by our shepherds.  We fight for truth, justice... and peace.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  Amen.