The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

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November 6, 2009

The Letter of Fr. Ramolla to Bishop Dolan at the Time of his Dismissal

Fr. Ramolla was dismissed from his position of Assistant Pastor of St. Gertrude the Great Chuch and Pastor of St. Clare's Church on November 5, 2009.  The previous day, Fr. Ramolla had a meeting with Bishop Dolan and Fr. Cekada, which is described here.  What Father did not know at the time was that, in spite of Bishop Dolan's offer of a second chance, he and Fr. Cekada had already called the US Immigration Service to revoke his visa! 

The next day, Father Ramolla was called in to another meeting and peremptorily dismissed.

The Most Reverend Daniel L. Dolan, Pastor
St. Gertrude the Great Church

At the Tuesday meeting, Your Excellency began by asking what grievances I had against Fr. Cekada. You already knew the answer, for I had on many occasions confided to Your Excellency in Christian candor my misgivings about Father’s judgment, his indifference, and his tone-deafness to misdeeds, most recently during our trip in France. True to the hidden agenda of the “meeting,” Your Excellency made a feint by asking why I was no longer a friend of Most Holy Trinity Seminary. Your Excellency knew my reasons before I shared them. In fact, I surmise that even Your Excellency has secretly acknowledged to himself that the seminary is a sham and its rector in need of spiritual and intellectual guidance. Our brother priests in Europe confirmed they shared this view.

Patently vexed by these hard truths, Your Excellency laid against me the charge of harming the parish and the school through imprudent, resentful, and angry discussions with laity. Your Excellency knows that any attendant harm resulted from the incompetent and pusillanimous supervision of an errant lay employee who was and remains the proximate cause of all the unhappiness that has afflicted St. Gertrude’s. Let me here speak truth to power: It is never “imprudent” to protest injustice and the abuse of discretion – it is a Catholic’s solemn duty. Your Excellency added that you no longer trust me. I reply that an honest man who speaks up against injustice, scandalous conduct, and organizational anomy is the man most deserving of Your Excellency’s trust – even if that honest man’s remonstrance is a public condemnation of Your Excellency’s and Father’s failure to govern justly in accordance with Catholic principles and our Lord’s example.

Next, in a move certainly calculated to terrorize me, you had the temerity to accuse me of being too close to a laywoman. I will not dignify with a reply that scurrilous slur laden with a not-too-latent malice. I am nauseated at Your Excellency’s utter disregard for common decency, especially in light of the fact that Your Excellency and Fr. Cekada have labored for many, many years under a widely held suspicion of inappropriate behavior. Finally, you demanded of me tears so that Your Excellency might justify his giving me a second chance to serve under an unworthy leader. Rest assured that I have already shed those tears in profound sorrow on behalf of the children and the good people of St. Gertrude’s who must try to find salvation in the desert wrought by Your Excellency’s objectively wrongheaded stewardship.

I cannot apologize or plead for pardon from Your Excellency, for to do so would be a repudiation of my acting justly in accordance with the obligations of my priestly vows. It is far better for Your Excellency to invite me to leave than for me to betray an informed conscience and my sacred orders.

With the assurance of my fervent prayers for Your Excellency’s change of mind,

The Reverend Markus Ramolla