The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

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November 5, 2009

The Immediate Events Leading to the Dismissal of Fr. Markus Ramolla

The Editors

Fr. Ramolla was dismissed from his position of Assistant Pastor of St. Gertrude the Great Chuch and Pastor of St. Clare's Church on November 5, 2009.  The previous day, Fr. Ramolla had a meeting with Bishop Dolan and Fr. Cekada, which is described here.  What Father did not know at the time was that, in spite of Bishop Dolan's offer of a second chance, he and Fr. Cekada had already called the US Immigration Service to revoke his visa! 

The next day, Father Ramolla was called in to another meeting and peremptorily dismissed.

On Wednesday, November 4th, Fr. Markus Ramolla was called in to a meeting with Bishop Daniel Dolan and Fr. Anthony Cekada of St. Gertrude the Great Church.

The meeting opened abruptly with a hostile question from Bishop Dolan: "What do you have against Fr. Cekada and me?"  Fr. Ramolla explained that his main concern was that Fr. Cekada had continued to dismiss every single criticism he had brought to him regarding the school and the Lotarskis.

Disregarding this reply for the moment, Bishop Dolan made a series of accusations against Fr. Ramolla, basically blaming him for many of the problems that have befallen the parish.  Fr. Ramolla reminded him that the basic issue was none of these accusations but the fact that every single complaint he had ever brought to Fr. Cekada regarding the school and the inexcusable behavior of Mark Lotarski had been completely ignored or brushed away.  Fr. Cekada agreed that he had done this, excusing himself on the grounds of temperament and attempted impartiality.  Fr. Cekada then apologized for mishandling the situation.

In spite of this, Bishop Dolan persisted in making accusations, reproaching Fr. Ramolla for stirring up trouble in the parish by his complaints against the Lotarskis.  Although it was Bishop Dolan himself who had instructed Fr. Ramolla to advise him of every incident involving Mark and Joan Lotarski and their mishandling of the school and its students, the Bishop then went on to remonstrate against Fr. Ramolla, telling him he cannot work with a priest he doesn't trust -- and he no longer trusts Fr. Ramolla!  Fr. Ramolla replied in turn that he no longer had any faith in Fr. Cekada, his abilities and judgments.

Bishop Dolan advised Fr. Ramolla he would give him a little time to think about it, and that he would consider giving him a "second chance" providing he apologized, preferably with tears of sorrow and repentance.

After the meeting ended Fr. Ramolla composed the following letter, which was delivered to Bishop Dolan today.  Fr. Ramolla has now been dismissed from his posts as Principal of St. Gertrude the Great School and Assistant Pastor of the church.