The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

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November 25, 2009

Trouble Maker or Truth Teller?

The Editors

Fr. Markus Ramolla

Fr. Ramolla was dismissed from his position of Assistant Pastor of St. Gertrude the Great Chuch and Pastor of St. Clare's Church on November 5, 2009.

Was he a malcontent?  Or did he have valid complaints against the way the parish was being run to the detriment of souls?

In the secular world, history is written by the winners; in the Church, it is written by those in the right. Bishop Dolan has caused much to be written and spoken about Father Ramolla as a trouble maker, a breaker of the peace, a malcontent , and a calumniator. Bishop Dolan even suggested indirectly in a Sunday bulletin that Father instigated a schism. Everyone writes in their own narrow self-interest, and it is a very human trait to paint oneself in the very best light possible, even to the point of denying the truth. If we are blind to our faults, then we will certainly interpret resistance to the evils we have caused as dissension. We may have the bully pulpit and the money to print up self-serving justifications for bad behavior, but that will not make us right. We will not win in the end.

The simple truth that no amount of paper can cover up is that Father Ramolla exhausted every means privately available to induce Bishop Dolan to act against injustice. The numerous earnest and confidential conversations with Bishop Dolan yielded no fruit. Temperate Christian counsel was seen as a sign of unrest. Candid discussion founded upon first-hand knowledge of the school’s very serious problems became for Bishop Dolan the mark of a dissenter. Gently speaking truth to power about the seminary’s danger to vocations constituted for the bishop chronic trouble making.

When Bishop Dolan’s refusal to do the right thing revealed the scandal to the broad public, then Father could not in conscience lie about his feelings to the souls who shared with him their concerns. We must remember that the problems were not the petty wrongs or small differences of opinion that we must all bear patiently: the problems were grave offenses against justice and a breach of adults’ duty of care to the young. Father was bound in conscience and by his sacred vows to make these evils known in order to find a just remedy from without that could not be had from within. For telling the truth and seeking redress of wrong, Bishop Dolan fired Father Ramolla. When this sorrowful chapter in the history of St. Gertrude the Great Church is written, it will record Bishop Dolan’s shameful and selfish behavior and honor Father Ramolla’s selfless allegiance to what Catholics value as good and right.