The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

The Full Documented Story


December 13, 2009

Unity and the Struggle for Justice

The Editors

A Response to Fr. Martin Stepanich, OFM
As the remnant at SGG scurry to find clergy who will back their cause, it was inevitable that one of them would eventually come across a traditional priest who has heard only one side of the story.  This is sadly the case with the highly respected warrior of the traditional cause, Fr. Martin Stepanich, OFM.  This short editorial is a sincere attempt to point out to the good Father that the information he has been fed may not after all be quite the whole truth...

To our sorrow, we have learned that Father Stepanich disapproves of our leaving St. Gertrude the Great Church. Nevertheless, we are certain that the good friar would bless our decision to abandon Bishop Dolan’s bankrupt leadership if Father had at hand all the information that we possess. Along with Father, we lament our estrangement from our greatly admired church, a church which we helped build with many sacrifices. We accept and resolve to follow Father’s sage counsel to offer with fervor and with confidence our Lady’s perfect prayer for our church’s relief from the affliction.

With our whole heart, we wish we could make a daily holy hour at our once respected St. Gertrude’s. However, Bishop Dolan, by his grave offenses against justice and charity, has barred the door. We assure Father that we still remain faithful to traditional Catholicism. We still revere and honor priests and prelates who hold fast to their sacred vows and to the commands of morality.  We have not separated ourselves from our fellow parishioners. Our conscience, however, does bid us to part ways with Bishop Dolan and the clergy whom he holds in thrall.

If anyone stirred us up, it was Bishop Dolan, who chose to suffer the monstrous behavior of a man who had a duty of care to the young. In his attempt to escape the blame he is due, we know that Bishop Dolan has represented us to the outside world as rebels, trouble makers, bad children, schismatics, agitators, and enemies of unity. We want Father to know that each attempt to seek redress of wrong was met by a deaf ear, a deflection, or even an insult. We fled to the patronage of St. Albert the Great, and under his care we await the day of our return to St. Gertrude the Great Church.

Father’s letter has emboldened us to ask him for his assistance. We believe that this decent and learned priest keeps us in his prayers. What we would ask is that he come directly to our aid by speaking to Bishop Dolan and persuading him to dismiss his associate and resign his pastorate. These two simple acts will restore the admiration and respect that St. Gertrude the Great Church has lost as a result of the bishop’s imprudence. Most importantly, Bishop Dolan’s resignation will unbind our conscience and allow us to return to our fellow parishioners to worship the Triune God as one family.