The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

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December 15, 2009

A Question of Perspective

The Editors

What's Important and What Isn't?

Is truth important?  Is justice important?  Not according to certain bloggers currently exploiting the emotions of the poor souls involved in the crisis at SGG.  Here at SGG Info we give high priority to these attributes of God Himself.

Recently our inboxes have received quite a few tidbits of spam scolding us for falling victim to an odious whispering campaign that has awakened ancient, half-forgotten grudges about little things. As a result, like peevish children, we have picked up our marbles, so to speak, and left the circle in a tizzy. The latest adolescent e-reprimand, which likens the faithful to the rabid Jerusalem mob and the faithless onlookers at Calvary, asks us to start feeling sorry now.

Well, we are sorry. We’re sorry that the pastor of St. Gertrude the Great Church cannot comprehend the enormity of the many offenses inflicted on our children and fellow parishioners. We’re sorry that he has allowed such grave affronts to human decency to continue without so much as a word of rebuke or an apology. We’re sorry that he refuses to give us credit for possessing the cardinal moral virtues he once eloquently urged us to acquire. He is of the opinion that the causes of our leaving St. Gertrude’s are but little things, and, of course,  “little things affect little minds,” as Benjamin Disraeli wrote.

Isolated from virtuous society and unchecked by wiser voices, the pastor has developed a kind of moral tunnel vision. He can only see clearly the small field of his own self-interest. Consequently, everything else either doesn’t exist because he can’t see it, or it is simply small potatoes. By now, as he frets over the empty pews and laments the loss of revenue, the amount of light he can see is but a dim, ever narrowing circlet. To him, the reasons for our disaffection are practically invisible. We assure him they are real and great. We assure him that the abuses, large and small, that he permitted or committed have been so piled upon each other that they loom over his pastorate and dwarf his legacy.  The little stuff, as he sees it, has grown so large in our view that it will take much more than spam attacks to bring about the resolution we all earnestly seek.