The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

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December 8, 2009

Invitation to Bishop Dolan

The Editors

This editorial is nothing less than an invitation to Bishop Dolan to submit a written response or commentary to anything we have provided on SGG Info.  We still hope that he will take advantage of this unique opportunity to provide us with his point of view.

The editors of created this site as a clearinghouse of information about the crisis caused by Bishop Dolan. In addition to our own original materials, we have posted letters from St. Gertrude the Great parishioners, both former and current, articles by Dr. Droleskey and a memoir by Tim Duff. In addition, we have archived materials authored by Bishop Dolan, his associate, and Bishop Sanborn. If we had been able to acquire a serviceable electronic copy of "School Dazed," we would have posted it along with the other documents. (At a later date, we do plan to publish a synopsis of its inaccuracies and insinuations along with concise statements of the real facts.) 

We at have no fear of the truth, nor have we fear of lies. Therefore, we invite Bishop Dolan to submit a written response to anything that has appeared on this site. We promise that it will remain for at least 24 hours on the home page and that we will archive it permanently for future reference. (If it is long, we may post the first few sentences and provide a link to the rest of the piece.) We will edit it only to correct errors of grammar, spelling and style and to assure that its content is not as scurrilous as that of the documents appearing on the astonishingly mendacious "laypopes" site. In every case, we will request Bishop Dolan to approve any editorial changes before we post his material. We further promise never to post a submission* for which we do not have his explicit authorization to publish, no matter how damaging it would be to him. (That's right, we'll allow him a "Mulligan," and we won't later take advantage of his bad judgment.) Bishop Dolan should contact the editors at in order to arrange to transmit his submission and to establish authorization protocols.

The Editors

*Editor's Note: Only those materials submitted directly to the editors by Bishop Dolan pursuant to this invitation are subject to this limitation. Anything else that Bishop Dolan may write or say is subject to posting without consultation and without editorial assistance.