The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

The Full Documented Story


December 7, 2009

An End to Madness

The Editors

The Editors suggest a couple of outcomes for the crisis at SGG.

Which do you think Bishop Dolan is more likely to choose?  Either outcome would result in the ultimately preferable situation where Bishop Dolan is gone, and peace may prevail.

We listened in disbelief to Bishop Dolan’s Advent I sermon, with its self-servingly contemptible and manipulative message. We found it offensive to the faith. We now understand that Bishop Dolan, the sole author of this calamity, is determined to continue his irreligious dispute against justice and the common good. We are not of the same mind, however. We say this has gone on far too long. It has taxed everyone’s patience and tried everyone’s soul. It has wounded too many. Along with all our fellow traditional Catholics, we demand that Bishop Dolan settle this scandal soon.

In broad outline, we imagine two outcomes. (We dare not call them solutions, for only Bishop Dolan can bring about a resolution by choosing one path or the other.) The first (and the most just) is for Bishop Dolan and his associate to leave after surrendering all assets and accounts to a new corporation headed by Father Ramolla. The second, perhaps more to Bishop Dolan’s liking, is for him and his associate to liquidate all assets and accounts and pocket them before they flee Ohio forever. Either outcome will free us from the corrosive effects of Bishop Dolan’s ruinous tenure as pastor.

If Bishop Dolan elects the honorable solution, then St. Gertrude’s will be saved, and we may recover our formerly wholesome lives under the care of Father Ramolla. If Bishop Dolan chooses according to man’s fallen nature, then St. Gertrude’s be will lost, but we will rebuild, united by our new pastor Father Ramolla. The first choice would restore the property, goods, and treasure that rightly belong to the faithful; the second would despoil the faithful of their patrimony and cause grievous hardship. Nevertheless, either way, we shall be free of Bishop Dolan’s divisive presence. We shall pray daily to Our Lady of Good Counsel for Bishop Dolan’s conversion.