The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

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November 11, 2009

The Letter of Bishop Sanborn
to a Parishioner of St. Gertrude's

In response to correspondence from a parishioner of St. Gertrude the Great advising him that he had left the parish because of the recent crisis, Bishop Donald Sanborn ( Rector of Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida) replied at length to this parishioner questioning the advisability of his actions.  This letter has now been sent out to the parishioners of St. Gertrude's in defense of their position. 

What has not been sent out is this same parishioner's reply to Bishop Sanborn's letter.  We are providing a copy of both Bishop Sanborn's letter, and the parishioner's response.

Dear --------,

I am sorry to hear of your decision to leave St. Gertrude’s.  In response, I would like to offer some thoughts for your consideration.

 Do you think that the general goal of overcoming the Modernists and of preserving the traditional Faith is being served by your decision? Looking at this from afar, I perceive the reaction to whatever problems may exist or are perceived to exist in the school to be a war upon St. Gertrude the Great Church, and upon the persons of Bishop Dolan and Father Cekada. It appears to me that the goal of this war is to destroy St. Gertrude’s as a parish, and to destroy the episcopacy of Bishop Dolan and the priesthood of Father Cekada, as well as their very persons.

 If all of these things happen, will you then rejoice? If there is no school and no church when all is said and done, will everyone be happy? When the pigeons are nesting in St. Gertrude’s Church, or if it should be sold off to the protestants, will you declare the mission to have been accomplished? Will  God thereby be served? Will the interests of the Catholic Faith be thereby promoted?

 And if Bishop Dolan and Father Cekada go into retirement, or if you find one of them as a greeter in Wal-Mart in order to support himself, will you be then satisfied and content? Will all the goals then have been achieved?

 And if the ruination of St. Gertrude’s should bring about the ruination of the seminary, which it would do, will you then rejoice all the more? Will Fr. Ramolla raise millions and build a church, a school, and a seminary, and operate them all? To everyone’s satisfaction? And when his followers turn on him because they are dissatisfied, and spread rumors about him, and destroy him, shall you again all be glad because yet another priest has been destroyed?

 My point is that there are ways to solve problems, and the way which you and others have chosen is the wrong path. It leads, ultimately, to exactly what I have described.

 If traditionalists, and particularly sedevacantists, do not stop cutting each other up when they get upset, they are going to end up with nothing. You will see little handfuls of faithful gathering around a priest here and there in rented halls and Holiday Inns. And that priest will have to work a secular job during the week, in order to support himself and protect himself from the day on which the faithful destroy him and turn him out.

 You speak about vocations. Do you think that it encourages a vocation in a young man to see their priests’ names dragged through the mud? To have nearly thirty-five years of laboring for souls destroyed by the poison pen and poison tongue of people who are disgruntled about a teacher in a school?  Will such activity foster vocations? Will it encourage vocations to see Bishop Dolan stocking the shelves at Kroger, reduced to shame and poverty because he did not solve a school problem the way some thought he should?

 You have Father Ramolla because the seminary exists and has trained him, and despite his criticism of me, I believe that all would agree that Father was trained rather well. He is trained well because I and Father Cekada, primarily, devoted ourselves relentlessly to the operation of this institution, and have worked very hard to do our best to preserve a high standard.

 The devil is accomplishing his work in the SSPX by luring them into an association with the Modernists. When that happens, only the sedevacantists, few as they are, will be left to fight the Modernists. Only the entities like St. Gertrude’s and Most Holy Trinity Seminary, which have taken years to build up, will be the voice of Catholicism in the world. But if the faithful burn the house down and destroy their priests and bishops, will there be anything left for the devil to do?

 Sincerely yours in Christ,

 Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn