The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

The Full Documented Story


October 20, 2009

The E-Mail of Rev. Mr. Hall to Bishop Dolan leading to his dismissal

Rev. Mr. Hall was dismissed from his position as teacher at St. Gertrude the Great School and church organist on October 20, 2009.  The events leading up to the dismissal consisted chiefly in meetings held between Mr. Hall, Bishop Dolan, and Father Cekada, in which he had attempted to alert his pastors to the serious and worsening infractions of conduct by the school principal.  These talks had met with what appeared to be serious concern on the part of Bishop Dolan, but mere excusing and sweeping under the carpet by Father Cekada.  However, on October 20, things spiralled out of all control...

Dear Bishop Dolan:

Thank you for taking the time to discuss the problems at the school this lunchtime.

I appreciate your unwillingness to hear things via e-mail, and for this reason tried to see you after my class at 2pm.  Unfortunately, you were in conference so I didn’t get the chance to relate to you the events that transpired after our conversation.

John Lotarski came into my classroom towards the end of my German class, and started berating me in front of my students.  He was very angry and verbally abusive.  When I told him to go to the principal’s office he refused.  I told him it was an order, so he stood up and made a sudden movement towards me, pretending to attack me.  He did not make contact, however, and we proceeded to the school office.  It had been my attention to simply discuss the matter with him and find out why he was so upset.  He refused to enter the school office, as his father was in there, so I asked him in the hallway why he was so angry.  He told me that I had threatened Jane with expulsion (which I had not), and that he had overheard me saying I was upset at Andrew.  He then pointed his finger in my face and said “This had better f***ing stop!”  I’m not sure if the first graders in the hallway heard this or not, but it was certainly said loud enough for them to hear.

I know I told you today that the situation has become intolerable.  If this example doesn’t convince you that it is far worse than you thought, then I don’t know what ever will.

I am leaving the handling of this incident in your hands.

Bernard G.J. Hall