The Scandals at St. Gertrude the Great

West Chester, Ohio

The Full Documented Story

Chronological List of Documents

Oct 20 Letter E-Mail to Bp. Dolan on the Day's Events Rev. Mr. Hall
Oct 20 Letter E-Mail dismissing Rev. Mr. Hall Bp. Dolan
Oct 30 Letter To Parents on Dismissal of Fr. Ramolla Bp. Dolan
Nov 5 Editorial The Dismissal of Fr. Ramolla Editors
Nov 6 Letter To Bp. Dolan at Time of Dismissal Fr. Ramolla
Nov 6 Letter Farewell to Parishioners Fr. Ramolla
Nov 7 Letter To School Parents Fr. Cekada
Nov 8 Sermon First Sermon after Dismissal Fr. Ramolla
Nov 8 Article Sanctimony Won't Work This Time Tom Droleskey
Nov 9 Letter To Parishioners of St. Clare's Fr. Cekada
Nov 11 Letter To Bernie Brueggemann Bp. Sanborn
Nov 12 Letter To Parishioners of SGG on Mark Lotarski Fr. Ramolla
Nov 13 Letter Reply to Bp. Sanborn Bernie Brueggemann
Nov 13 Letter To Bp. Dolan on Sanborn Letter to Bernie Brueggemann Fr. Ramolla
Nov 13 Letter Response to School Dazed Jim Gebel
Nov 15 Sermon An Apology Bp. Dolan
Nov 15 Editorial The Perpetual Agreement Editors
Nov 15 Article Justifying Glory into Shame Tom Droleskey
Nov 16 Letter Letter to the Editors Jared Chamberlain
Nov 18 Article Shooting the Messenger Tom Droleskey
Nov 21 Article History of St. Gertrude the Great School Tim Duff
Nov 22 Article So What? Tom Droleskey
Nov 23 Article Cover Ups Always Unravel Tom Droleskey
Nov 23 Article School Dazed Fr. Cekada
Nov 25 Editorial Trouble Maker or Truth Teller? Editors
Nov 27 Editorial Thinking the Unthinkable Editors
Dec 2 Edtorial Another Teacher Fired at SGG Editors
Dec 3 Editorial Litany of Abuses at SGG Editors
Dec 4 Letter Letter to the Editors Gloria Madaffari
Dec 4 Letter To Dr. Tom Droleskey Andrew Johns
Dec 7 Editorial An End to Madness Editors
Dec 8 Editorial An Invitation to Bp. Dolan Editors
Dec 10 Editorial A Cry for Redress Editors
Dec 10 Article Absalom Times Two Or More Tom Droleskey
Dec 10 Letter Open Letter to Bp. Dolan Janet Gaye
Dec 10-Jan 30 Letter Short Letters Various Authors
Dec 12 Letter Open Letter to Bp. Dolan 1 Mr. McAleer
Dec 13 Editorial Response to Fr. Stepanich Editors
Dec 15 Edtorial A Question of Perspective Editors
Dec 15 Editorial Preserving Sweetness of Proportion Editors
Dec 22 Letter A Second Letter to Bp. Dolan Mr. McAleer
Dec 27 Letter To a Parishioner of St. Clare's Sue Bastaja
Dec 28 Editorial Far, far from the Madding Crowd Edtors
Jan 1 Article Stalinists Always Claim to Want Peace Tom Droleskey
Jan 1 Article The Betrayal of Rev. Mr. Hall Tim Duff
Jan 4 Editorial All the Subtle Demonisms Editors
Jan 5 Letter Letter to the Editors Janet Gaye
Jan 6 Editorial Theological Bumps in the Night Editors
Jan 7 Letter Third & Final Open Letter to Bp. Dolan Mr. McAleer
Jan 8 Editorial Defining Decency Down Editors
Jan 11 Editorial If at First You Don't Succeed... Editors
Jan 11 Letter To Bp. Dolan Gloria Madaffari
Jan 13 Article An Anonymous Letter Tim Duff
Jan 18 Editorial School Dazed Revisited 1 Editors
Jan 18 Letter A Response to School Dazed Jan Satola
Jan 18 Letter Letter to the Editors Sue Bastaja
Jan 19 Editorial Of Truth, the Pastor, and Pizza Editors
Jan 20 Editorial School Dazed Revisited 2 Editors
Jan 22 Editorial School Dazed Revisited 3 Editors
Jan 25 Editorial School Dazed Revisited 4 Editors
Jan 27 Editorial School Dazed Revisited 5 Editors
Jan 28 Article A Response to School Dazed Bob Bastaja
Jan 30 Editorial School Dazed Revisited 6 Editors